Monday, August 18, 2008


Haven't written much on this subject -- my favorite -- for some time. My life at present is spent mostly at my mother-in-law's house up the road from us. She'll be 96 in a few days, August 28th, and needs round-the-clock watching over, so we're living up there.

At first it was really hard, not because of taking care of her. That's fairly easy. But the condition of her home and just being out of my own space.

The last few days, I've noticed something happening. I feel like I'm in a TV sitcom family with the older "Granny" as part of the family, sitting with us in the morning waiting on the school bus. Sitting around her hospital bed, watching TV in the evenings... although she's not too interested in the Summer Olympics. Friends and family coming to visit every now and then, people bringing food.

Funny things. Like my husband, her son, trying to fix the house up and her wondering why. She asked me last night if we were trying to sell the house. Of course not! I said. I reminded her that her son would not even sell any of his old automobiles sitting all over the farm. They just sit there and rust away with trees growing inside them. She laughed and said, "I always wished he would get rid of those cars." I said, "Me, too. But he ain't never going to sell anything on this farm." That put her at ease.

I was cleaning out the frig and had every item sitting on top of the kitchen table. She asked, "Are we getting a new refrigerator?"

Every thing is a mystery and a puzzling thing to her. She can't remember some days whether her husband died or was still alive. She said she saw on the TV on the back of her door that my youngest son, her grandson, was put in prison. It was hard to convince her that she neither had a TV on her door or a grandson who would ever be put in prison.

What it actually, and truly, is now is a chapter in my life message. A time to savor and write about. A "Faithbook" layout. A lot of pages of layouts.

The Faithfully Yours site on the web has a lot of resources for scrapbooking your faith. Check them out.

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Women's Memoirs
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