Monday, September 15, 2008


In my last post, I talked about making the goodie bag items for the October ScrapShare Retreat, and I promised to share some of what I found cruising the net.

Scrapbook Crazy has some mini-album tutorials including quotations to put in them. Be sure to clink on the "Star Album." I made some of those last spring. They're gorgeous, depending on the paper designs you use. The "Acrylic" Albums enchanted me, and I almost went with one of those for my project. Keep in mind, I have to make 30 of whatever I decide on. Thirty! Time plus cost is an issue, so I kept looking for something easier and less costly.

Next stop was Paperclipping, and this is where I met "Fred!" I'm still trying to figure out how to make one of these myself--or have my dh make one for me, since he's talented in that kind of stuff. You can watch free video workshops on Paperclipping, so you can see how awesome Fred is, among other great topics. Once again, I'm intrigued by "acrylic" and see-through. On the main site, under "Categories," click on Album Covers or just click on what I just typed for you as a link. What a unique idea for using one of those cheap (or not-so-cheap) 4 x 6 photo books! I have several of those laying around somewhere. Noell says she found her album at the Goodwill store. It appears, by the two holes, to be a binder type, and she has beautiful ribbon threaded through and tied in a bow. All I have are those little flat ones, but I see definite possibilities. Keep your eyes open for albums you can alter creatively.

On Chia's Rubber Stamp Art, you'll find a handy-dandy Small File Folder Template. This has so many possibilities! I was intrigued here for quite a while. From this template page, go to her home page or to the template index to see so many more goodies.

Moving on, getting pumped with ideas, I found the Split Coast Stampers File Folder Card Tutorial. I think you can see where I'm heading here. Kind of, sort of.

I then found my way (somehow) to a site I lingered on for a l-o-n-g time, QuinnCreative - Making Journals! And other cool stuff. Oh, what a temptress site this is. I am so addicted to journals and journaling, and here you will find lots of how-to's for journaling.

Then I found GoScrapping and got my idea. Fortunately, I saved the image of the project I fell in love with to my desktop so I could refer to it. I say "fortunately" because when I went back to the site this morning, I couldn't find the project. If any of my ScrapShare friends are reading this blog, they will just have to wait to see what I picked. Even if they found it, I changed it around a lot to make it more cost effective and faster to manufacture 30 of them.

Oh, by the way, my project involves monthly calendars, and I ended up finding the perfect ones at Calendars Quick.

So, after the retreat the weekend of October 16th, I'll post pictures of my project. By then you might be in the market for cheap and awesome Christmas Gifts!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fall Scrapbook Retreat!

This is my 8x8 album page for the Fall ScrapShare Retreat in Alabama. Everybody makes a page, and we all get an album of the group. I look often at my Spring Retreat Album and remembering all the fun and the great new friends I made. I miss everyone and counting down the days until October 16!
We all make a gift for the goodie bags, and some are really, really creative. I'm working on mine this week and have come across some outrageously awesome projects online. See my next post for a list of the best!
By the way the picture of the sunset over the water is Anna Maria Island, Florida. We visited my sister in July, and she lives about an hour or so away from this beautiful beach. I'd never heard of it before. Oddly enough, the last book I reviewed for my Bella site, All Over But the Shoutin', Ray Bragg, the author, makes mention of Anna Maria Island. He thought it was as good as we did.
The big attraction, of course, is the sunset. Located on the west side of the gulf, it's a nightly event. Perhaps not as big as Key West, but glorious for sure.
We ate at the Waterfront Restaurant right on the beach. The Oyster Po Boys are too good!
There is also a free trolley that travels the island. You can grab your gear and hop from one beach to another, or even into town to the library or shopping.
I call it Paradise!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

An Unforgettable Memoir

I posted my review of All Over But the Shoutin' on my Bella Online Christian Lit site yesterday. It written by Rick Bragg, a Pulitzer winner and New York Times reporter. One of the descriptions on the back cover is "unforgettable." That exactly sums it up. I'll never forget it.

Bragg's life as the son of a cotton picker and a drunk Korean War veteran in rural Alabama during the '50s is mesmerizing. I thought my family was poor, but this is way different from anything I've experienced. My father drank, was undoubtedly an alcoholic, but he stayed and supported us, all six of his children, and I have good memories along with the bad that a lot of us probably have.

But Ray Bragg's story is outstanding. Pulling himself up from the dirt-poor lifestyle, remembering riding on the back of the white bag his Momma pulled behind her as she picked cotton, he became a respected genius of a writer.

This is a story that will change your life. You'll respect what's really important in your life as you read it. You'll see some history through the eyes of a fearless reporter who writes truth.

It's also a great read for anyone writing their own memoir or life story. I got inspired!

Women's Memoirs

Women's Memoirs
Women's Memoirs