Saturday, September 6, 2008

An Unforgettable Memoir

I posted my review of All Over But the Shoutin' on my Bella Online Christian Lit site yesterday. It written by Rick Bragg, a Pulitzer winner and New York Times reporter. One of the descriptions on the back cover is "unforgettable." That exactly sums it up. I'll never forget it.

Bragg's life as the son of a cotton picker and a drunk Korean War veteran in rural Alabama during the '50s is mesmerizing. I thought my family was poor, but this is way different from anything I've experienced. My father drank, was undoubtedly an alcoholic, but he stayed and supported us, all six of his children, and I have good memories along with the bad that a lot of us probably have.

But Ray Bragg's story is outstanding. Pulling himself up from the dirt-poor lifestyle, remembering riding on the back of the white bag his Momma pulled behind her as she picked cotton, he became a respected genius of a writer.

This is a story that will change your life. You'll respect what's really important in your life as you read it. You'll see some history through the eyes of a fearless reporter who writes truth.

It's also a great read for anyone writing their own memoir or life story. I got inspired!

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