Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kick off the holiday season with Blurb

Received this email several days ago. If you don't know about Blurb, it's a site where you can design and create a digital photo book. There are lots of these sites of course. Naturally, I prefer my own Creative Memories Storybook Creator, but for those of you interested in this avenue, the info is below.

If you are interested in the free download of Storybook Creator, go to my CM Website, click on digital scrapbooking, then click on FREE STORYBOOK CREATOR.

Email me for help if you need it.

For Blurb here is the info...

It's November. (We can't believe it either!) The holidays are officially upon us, and the search for the perfect gift is on. If you've never given a book you've made as a gift, you don't know what you're missing. It's awesome, personal and one of a kind – the type of gift that will make you the hero among your people.

We'll even start the giving season early. Beat the holiday rush and order your book by November 18, and we'll give you $10 off your order. You'll get your books in plenty of time for the holiday season, giving you more time to kick back and enjoy the eggnog.
Promotion code: holiday2008

* To qualify for $10 off a purchase of $29.95 or more, you must enter the promotion code in the shopping cart at time of purchase and complete your purchase in USD. Offer is good for $10 off one book made by you. Offer expires 11:59 PM PST November 18, 2008. Limit one-time use per user and cannot be combined with other offers. Not valid towards purchase of gift cards.

Finally, whichever method you choose, why not start getting your memories organized in this new, quick, hassle-free manner? You'll feel so good afterward!

Your Family Story for Charity

A lensmaster on Squidoo is hosting a contest to benefit several worthy charities. You can enter by writing a brief story about your family. Lots of them are about Thanksgiving and Christmas. Check it out -

It’s Family Stories Month for Charity!
Posted: 01 Nov 2008 06:59 PM PDT
We’re celebrating November as Family Stories Month for Charity! And we need your help.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Book About Scrapbooking Alert

I'm excited today about a new book. Paper, Scissors, Death: A Kiki Lowenstein Scrap-N-Craft Mystery. Yes! It's a mystery involving scrapbooking! Now, that's just cool.

What teased my ears first, though, is the author's name, Joanna Campbell Slan. I'd read her book, Scrapbook Storytelling, years ago. I saw it in a bookstore and scooped it up immediately because it just spoke to me. Almost out loud. A book about family storytelling? My heart's desire.

That early book about scrapbooking set me on my current path. It gave me the ideas needed to start on my storytelling passion and writing career. God knows our heart's desire, and he puts the right things in your path. I always loved writing and had done a lot of editorial work to that point. But I never had a real focus on what I deep down wanted to do. God knew.

After I read Joanna Slan's book, I just started doing the things she wrote about. I used my family pictures to tell life stories. Then one day I got on Ancestry.com and began researching my ancestors. Poor, Catholic German immigrants who ended up settling in downtown Cincinnati amid the poverty in the 1800s.

Then it became more than just scrapbooking. Learning about my family inspired me, gave me roots I didn't know about, added a lift to a low self-esteem issue, pumped up my life purpose, and I knew I wanted to share my stories, including my own story, with other people who might be interested in, identify with, or gain insight from the events that shaped my life. I didn't feel so lowly about growing up in a poor place anymore. I started feeling proud of my heritage.

That's, in Martha's words, is "A Good Thing!"

And I didn't even have to pay any shrinks or anything.

Then I knew I wanted to teach other people how to write their stories because it's something we all truly need to do for ourselves and our families.

I still believe that. Today more than ever.

But, back to Joanna's book. You can go here to read about this tempting new book and sit in on a Q&A session where she also tells how she's included "great scrapbooking tips, a contest for a weekend in St. Louis, and a coupon for 50 Free Digital Prints from Snapfish.com."

Now, you know you want to get this book if you're a cropper. And who doesn't like a good mystery. I can devour one in an evening or on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Inspiration

The Lovely Fountain on the Square in Cincinnati

I wish I could say I've been on Sabbatical. I wish. Since July, life has been major ups and downs for us. I'm still standing, though. And I'm finally getting energized and renewed. There's so much going on now that's positive.

First, though, and BIG!! The election is over. Finally. Now, maybe, we can move forward as a nation and start cleaning up stuff that needs to be put in order. We can do it. We're America. That's part of my renewed energy today. I'm a Christian American, and life is good.
Something else Big. Received word that my story for Gifts II will be published in early 2009. More on that soon.

Fall always brings energy and renewal to my sunburned spirit. Fall reminds me of going back to school, football games, and dances after the games in Cincinnati, where I grew up. The Catholic school I attended had a fall festival every year, and when I was old enough I got to work in the bingo booth. I got a nifty little cloth apron to wear with pockets for the little, round bingo covers, and the money I collected, and made change for. My dad worked at the festival, in the beer booth. Because he ran the church's bowling alley which was downstairs from the school. And the bowling alley served beer. Draught beer. So the festival always had a beer booth, and Dad was in charge of that.

Recently we went up to Cincy for the annual Oktoberfest celebration, and so many of those old memories came flooding back.

It was a fun celebration, and we had an awesome time. My brother had emailed me pictures of our old church, St. George in the University Heights area, after being damaged by a fire. Eerie.

This is St. George before the fire.

And here it is with one of the crosses alfame.


... and finally a picture of me and my brother, Bob, in front of our old Cincinnati house.

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