Wednesday, May 13, 2009

International Day of Sharing Life Stories

Who has a LifeStory to share?

Do you journal? Do you scrapbook and tell the stories of the pictures in your albums? Do you and your family sit around the dinner table and talk and laugh about past stories? Are you passing down any stories for your children, grandchildren, and others who may want to read them somewhere down the line?

You all know by now that this is my goal, my pet project, to record our family's stories. Several weeks ago I found myself remembering a story about my father and started writing in my notebook, not caring about punctuation, spelling, or all that other stuff that gets in the way. After all, your journal or notebook is only for your eyes. Nobody else has to see it. Sometimes I take these sories from my notebook and fix them up and submit them for contests or publications. But you don't have to do this.

Some of the stories from my notebooks go into my photo albums. I love how my album pages look using my computer to write --classic and beautiful. The longer I scrapbook, the more minimalist I become. I'm displaying the photos in ways now that bring out the stories behind them. I might have only one photo and an entire printed page of writing. All those available fonts!! How can you not get excited?

Recently my granddaughter Erica was visiting, and I'd just been working on some of her photos from last summer (yeah, I'm a little behind, but what scrapbooker isn't?). She was so happy to see herself on the pages and just stared wide-eyed with those huge big blues at how beautiful she looked in living color with stories about her.

Go to the International Day of Sharing Life Stories for site maps of some events in the world this weekend to celebrate this event. Unfortunately, there are none locally for me, and I'm not up to traveling at the moment. If I was, I'd probably go to Ohio State University since that's close to my hometown of Cincinnati.

I'm celebrating the day here in my scraproom, organizing my stuff and thinking of doing some digital to clear out the backlog. I can do a digi album in a couple of days if I put my mind to it. Maybe I will; maybe I won't. I might use some of my beautiful paper, ribbon, titles, etc. for paper pages. We'll see.

I've put some favorite book links to the left in celebration of LifeStory Writing Day.

Here are just a few of the U.S.A. events from the website above.

Columbus, Ohio: Digital story screening and Faculty panel at the Wexner Center Theater; Storytelling performance at Browning Amphitheater - Ohio State University – Columbus, OH

Fire Island: On May 17, 2008 students, parents, teachers, administrators and local public officials will gather at the Ocean Beach Historical Society on Fire Island to honor senior members of their community, many of whom took part in an initiative known as the “Student Elder Project.” Through their participation, these seniors acknowledged the importance of preserving their local history. This evening will showcase all of the student’s iMovies, produced to document the lives of project participants. This opening will also serve as a platform for each student to present a DVD copy to their respective elder.

Bloomington, IN: The Museum of the Person. Citizens in Bloomington will celebrate life story in multiple ways and places! Life story photo exhibits (Picturing my World, Memory of the Square, and Third Street Park); a student-led Cold War Memories story booth; story circles of all kinds in several venues; international telephone calls from Bloomington to home; and also a mapmaking project to tell the story of their public housing community. The events will take place at various venues of Bloomington, IN, on May 12, May 16 and May 17.

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