Thursday, January 7, 2010

Simple Stories

The best stories are simple.  Memory Works knows this, and that's why they've created something BIG -- "Simple Stories."  It will be available soon, and I know I'll be getting one as quick as I can.  I'm all about story and simple. 

I've been working on memoir a lot.  Be sure to check my guest blogs over at Women's Memoirs, the latest one Life in Ordinary Time.  I'm merging scrapbooking and memoir, meaning using a lot more writing.  Because it's about the stories.  It's always been about the stories.  Using the beautiful scrapbook products available makes it more fun and gives us nudges in the right direction sometimes when we become uninspired. 

The number one rule is to use the products to bring out the photos and the story.  In other words, you don't want the products to take center stage.  This is hard to keep from doing for some of us, but be forewarned that if you let this happen to you, it will be difficult to get back to focusing on your memories. 

It's About Your Memories

Getting back to Memory Works and Simple Stories, I love all of the products available at the site, all the best of the popular names on the market, and you only have to go to one site.  I find myself becoming more and more interested in this option. 

Women's Memoirs

Women's Memoirs
Women's Memoirs