Monday, March 15, 2010

Sj's - Little Musings: Cosmo Cricket Nutmeg - Garden Planner '09-'10

I love this Garden Planner I found on Little Musings.  Click above to go to the post that describes how it's made.  Mine won't be exactly like this one, but I want to incorporate a lot of the ideas...

like seed envelopes
monthly planning pages
and articles I pull from magazines and the net

I need to get some chipboard probably to make the covers.  Maybe.  I have some pretty stiff cardboard on hand that would work. 

There are several 12-month gardening sites online that would help me fill in my monthly to-do pages.    Here's a few of my favorites:

Once I gather all the info and supplies, I'll show you how my planner is coming along. 

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