Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Work

When the weather gets close to spring, and I can taste it and feel it.  When I know it's coming at last.  I wat to be outside with my hands in the dirt.  I need to be growing something.  It's soothing and centering.  Gardening transports you to someplace quiet and serene, away from the loud and busy world. 

I will walk today down the road to our other house we are fixing up to rent, where I lived for 16 years up until last summer.  I want to see if my rhododendron is in bloom.  When it is, the beauty is almost unbearable.  Looking at the pale pink-edged creamy blooms make me want to cry.  When I planted it the year we moved into the old house, onn the left side of the front porch, I never believed a could have a full-blown rhododendron drooping with hundreds of large, exquisite flowers.  Must have been acidic soil that did it.  On the other side of the front porch, I planted a lavender shade, and it was gorgeous as well...until the drought several years ago, when it dried up and literally bit the dust.  Watering didn't help. 

Besides getting back to the earth, I have several scrapbook layouts to finish. 

Spring brings out my creativity in lots of ways.

 I also have a new penne recipe to try tonight for dinner, along with one of my spring salads.

Gary has been plowing a new strawberry field next to the house.  The one across from the old house is about played out, so we'll be planting several hundred new plants very soon.  Last time he ordered 1,000 plants!  He has big ideas.

Women's Memoirs

Women's Memoirs
Women's Memoirs