Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Do You Scrapbook History?

How the birds mired in the Gulf oil spill teach us to properly grieve.

By Katelyn Beaty

The above article in Christianity Today impacted me so deeply that I had to share it with everyone.  Then I got to thinking of how I will preserve this event in my life.  Because I'm living through it. 

No, I don't live on the Gulf, but it's my world, my land, my country.  I have a story to tell about my feelings about this mess.  Much as I did with Katrina, 9/11, the wars our country has fought while I've been on earth, the assassinations of Jack and Bobby Kennnedy, and MLK.  I consider my takes on these tragedies, all preserved in my scrapbooks along with the birthdays, weddings, cute pictures of my kids and grandbabies, to be the most vital possession I leave to my family.  My oldest daughter has already made me promise she will get them.  :)  I guess she'll decide if the others get any of them or not.  Or copies of them.

If you don't add history to your scrapbooks, why not?  Your life takes place today in an ever-changing world.  Your children and grandchildren will learn the school's version of history in their textbooks.  They will receive a precious gift from you that they will cherish forever if you commemorate the world you lived in and the feelings that filled your heart.  They will see first-hand the world you lived in and the events that took place in your lifetime, both good and bad.

This was the original pull I felt when I first started adhering those photos in  that old album that stands proudly on my shelves.  I wrote about history, both personal/family events, and the world-altering timeline as I observed it.  This is the most important thing I feel I do for my family.  I am leaving them a legacy.

The horrific, current assault to my world, my own country, has been going on for almost 60 days, the oil spill in the Gulf.  My family has enjoyed those beaches and towns in that area, and I feel deeply about the impact this tragedy has caused.  To me personally as well as the inhabitants of the coastal towns. 

We have been dumped on literally by a giant corporation, and if that doesn't rile you, I don't know why not.  The beauty of our land has been outright traded for big bucks.  The land we were given by God to take care of.  Worse, we've allowed this to happen by our ever-growing hunger for fuel.  How many of us personally have really and truly tried to cut back on our own consumption? 

The article linked to above is a must-read.  It will inspire you to "think."  Really think. 

We are so busy living our robotic lives, wasting so much time on a daily basis, that most of us don't really think about the importantance of what's going on at a deeper level.  Or we don't think we can make a difference or change anything. 

No, I can't go to the Gulf and help anyone with either money or time.  But I can pass on the truths I learn and try to inspire other people to do the same.  I can memoralize the atrocities as I see them and write about how I feel.  Because someday I want my grandchildren and their children to know and understand what kind of person I was.  My moral beliefs.  What gave joy to my heart and what broke my heart. 

They will know their roots were planted in deep soil. 

That I was more than just an observer on this planet. 

Because I chose the time, right now, to tell them.

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