Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Stumbled onto this site from a fellow writer in my Story Circle Network group.  The Simple Woman's Daybook.  Awesome.

I think I'm a simple woman, so I'm joining. 


Outside my window...the wind is fierce and the autumn leaves are raining down.  We're under tornado warnings, and our lawn chairs have been thrown about.

I am thinking...about writing.

I am thankful for...my loving and supportive husband and everyone in my exteded family.

From the kitchen...we have leftover turkey from the freezer for a casserole and half of a raisin pie we can have for dessert with the homemade vanilla ice cream my husband made last weekend.

I am wearing...pajama bottoms and my Skyline Scrapbook brown and pink tee-shirt.

I am creating...a small black knitted purse--I call it "The Little Black Bag," and it's a Christmas gift for one of my granddaughters.

I am going...nowhere today.  Tomorrow is errand day.  I only want to go to town one day a week.

I am reading...Mason-Dixon Knitting and Writing and Being: Embracing Your Life Through Creative Journling.

I am hoping...tornados don't hit any of the schools, especially my son's and granddaughter's.

I am hearing...the continuing weather updates on the TV and the wind shaking our 100-year-old trees.

Around the house...the dogs are huddled close to my legs--they are afraid of storms.  Husband is down the road at our other house--doing repairs in anticipation of renting it.  He took the weather radio with him so he can be alerted.  I wish he was here.

One of my favorite things...is not having urgent "stuff" to do, hanging around my home with dinner in the crockpot or oven and being able to do whatever I want, creating whatever I want.

A few plans for the rest of the week: 
  1. Grocery tomorrow and cooking for The Master's Table (our homeless mission and soup kitchen).
  2. Friends of the Library mailing about next meeting.
  3. Write part 2 of article for Women's Memoirs.com.
  4. Call attorney about Power of Attorney for special needs son.
  5. Make appointment for colonoscopy : (  ugh.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing..   My thoughts are traveling to the Holidays.  This is a page from last year's Holiday Journal. 

Click  Simple Woman's Daybook if you want to keep your own daybook.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Life's Sensations

I'm getting ready to post this week's article for Women's Memoirs.com and saw some nice comments on my last one.  Always a shot in the arm when people respond to what you've written.  This week I'm writing about Life's Teachers.  I got the inspiration from the quote, an old Buddahist saying:
When the student is ready, the teacher arrives.
I realized it's going to have to be two parts--my life has had many teachers.  And this student wasn't always ready the first time.

Last week, "Writing Life's Sensations," was good therapy for me.  It's not what it sounds like.  The sensations in my article weren't all good.  Sensations aren't always possitive. 

I wrote about seeing my life like a speeding train going by which would stop suddenly, long enough for me to catch a glimpse of a scene from my life, and the first one the train stopped at was one I hadn't thought of for a long time.  The sensation of the scene was hurtful because I was being bullied. 

While I was working on this, there was a lot of news on TV about bullying going on in schools and kids actually commiting suicide.  That's real scary, don't you think? 

The bully in my life was in my family.  A step-Aunt who was only a few years older than me but very BIG!  And I was little.  I tried to stay out of her way, but I was only about six years old and not too smart.  She even tried to drown me one time.  Thank goodness Grandpa was nearby and rescued me.  And punished her.  She was his stepdaughter by his second marriage.

The thing about writing--you're not real sure sometimes where the story will end up.  Yes, I write from an outline a lot, but not always.  Even when I do follow an outline, the story will just take off on its own and I'll have to let it go and try to keep up with it.  It's an odd sensation.  And that's what I discovered last week.  The big sensation was not so much in the scenes I was describing.  It was how the story ended that I didn't see coming.  I never intended to write that ending.  It sneaked up on me.

But it was the right ending for the story. 

It's like writing fiction where your characters just go off the page and do their own thing and refuse to be brought back to where you want them.  All fiction authors I've talked to admit to this.  The first time it happened to me I thought I was going loony, so I asked someone.  She said, "Oh, yeah, my characters do all sorts of stuff they're not supposed to." 

Imagine that.

Those of you who read novels, know that some of the main characters you're reading about might have jumped off the page and wrote their own story.  Stephen King says he starts with a character and puts him or her in a particular place or situation and then watches to see what the character does.  And they surprise him lots of times.

Now you know.

Look for my latest post on Women's Memoirs this Thursday, "Your Life's Teachers."  And if you can, read the week before, "Writing Life's Sensations," and tell me what you think.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Craft Journal Entry--What are you Making?

The season of giving is soon upon us, so my question today is:  What are you making?  For gifts, I mean. 

Busy week here, but that doesn't mean I can't create.  Cooking is creating, and I'm onto some new recipes and a new book for my daughter and granddaughters.  The old one I put together about 23 years ago needs to be revised.  Some recipes taken out and a lot more added.  This time, however, I'm going to have the book bound, instead of the three-ring notebook type.

I've got a short stack of washcloths I've knitted in some of the new Peaches and Cream Stripes yarn, and some heady scented homemade soap I bought from a fellow crafter to wrap inside the cloths.  Then I'll just tie them all up with beautiful ribbon.

I'm knitting and crocheting bags.  The patterns are from Just Bags, a Lion Brand book.  I'm working on a knitted tote and have finished a few smaller crocheted bags. There are a few beautiful purses in the book I'm dying to make for the granddaughters.  We'll see who wins the countdown, Chrisstmas or me.  I'm loving this.  I'll post some photos soon.

I'm working on my Women's Memoir.com ebook this week, and of course trying to put in some labor on my Memories in Order ebook which I hope to publish before the end of the year.  My next ScrapMoir appears this Thursday on http://www.womensmemoirs.com/, and it involves writing about the "sensations" of your life. 

If that's not enough, I've done some more work on the family history for my memoir:  Live Over-the-Rhine: A Memoir of the Families. 

In between my crafty pursuits and writing, I'm stealing some extra minutes to stock up the food pantry and the freezer.  It's that "nesting" time of the year.  My mind always goes in that direction when the wind gets a little crisp and the leaves begin falling.  I want to feather my nest for the winter festival.  I'll be knitting and reading in front of the fire and browsing the seed catgalogs and planning the perfect garden.

 I used the Kitchen Garden Planner last year, as we started moving away from the long rows here on the farm.  A few raised beds will supply some pretty good crops for the table.  I confess we ate so many salads from the abundant lettuce we grew, I thought we'd sprout bunny ears.

Scrapbooking????  Well, my retreat is the 21st of this month, so I'll be catching up with all my pictures down in the mountains of Alabama for a long weekend--soaking up the air, sleeping good, visiting with my girlfriends, and eating all that yummy food those awesome cooks make for us.

All this doesn't leave a whole lot of time for reading, but I have to get my fix somehow, so I've been squeezing in some Kindle treats for nighttime reading.  Enjoying some very good ones on journaling.  I'm currently in the middle of Writing and Being: Embracing Your Life Through Creative Journaling, by G. Lynn Nelson.  This may be the best book on journaling ever for me. 

All in all, the Creative Life is Good!

What about you?  What are you doing and making?  Care to write about it?  Comments welcome.

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