Thursday, December 30, 2010

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Winter finally here, the Solstice just recent.  The holiday season, warm hearths and hearts.  Gifts of love and affection.  Christmas pajamas.  Soft socks.  Warm chocolate in winter cups.  YARN.  Lots of yarn.  Knitting needles and crochet hooks.  Scrapbooking and reminiscing over those summer photos. 

Is there any more savory feeling than to cuddle with a great book and a comfy quilt? 

Reading can be a craft!

Current read is Susan Wittig Albert's An Extraordinary Year of Ordinary Days (Southern Writers Collection Series), a memoir of the year 2008, including all of it's major upheavals and turn-abouts.  The year of the first woman candidate for president, at least in the primaries, as well as the first black man, who ultimately won.  The job losses and big bank bailouts.  The subprime mortgages and defaults.  Average people living on the streets or in homeless shelters.  A controversial, illegal war being fought and the daily loss of human lives. 

The book follows the author throughout her own daily life as she writes, travels to book signings and speaking engagements, reads increasing numbers of books on the threatening changes to our world, cares for her pets, tends her garden, and chronicles the grim news reports and political victories and losses.  I love this book and it's a keeper for your home library.


Then there's an audio book, a CD or an MP3 download of Wild Places, read by the author, Susan Tweit.  Click to go to CDBaby to order

I love listening to books on my MP3--soon to be Ipod Touch.  Got my grandson one for Christmas and got hooked when I played with it.  Check out Susan's Wild Places on CD or download.  Go to Women's to listen to a sample first if you like.

Crafting -- I'm still knitting, though now I'm not on any timeline or deadline to finish a project, which means I leisurely watch the Today show in the morning while I knit a lovely, soft  scarf for my husband.  This is relaxation.  Soon I'll be working on some socks, which are nice gifts to put aside for birthdays throughout the year, and of course Christmas next year.  Who doesn't like socks??? 

Also some scrapbooking and working with photos.  Needed some layouts for my Women's Memoirs guest blog on January 6th.  "11 Tips for Saving the Stories in 2011."  Scrapbooking included, but not all the stories are in albums.  There are other tips for saving your stories too.  Tune in on January 6th to read.

This layout is on my Everyday Display board, hanging on my diningroom wall.  Layout of Anna Maria Island, where we vacationed in 2008.  I was emotionally sliding downward then from months of severe family issues.  I needed a quiet get-away, and this is where I found it. 

The above is a layout I created for the first page of my "People" scrapbook. 

Writing:  Posted Part 2 of "Your Life's Soundtrack"  "Voices of the Past," on my guest blog.   I started writing this and realized the first words I recalled I've kept secret all of my life.  Instead of writing about some sweet words of encouragement my Grandma probably said to me, I wrote the true first words I recall.  Disturbing words that followed me through life. 

You can also read "I Remember the Music," Part 1 while you're there in case you missed it. 

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Women's Memoirs
Women's Memoirs