Thursday, February 3, 2011

How a Scrapbook & a Scrapbook Memoir are Different

After scrapbooking for 13 years -- and loving every minute of it -- I wanted to go a little deeper in creating what I consider a legacy for my family. 

How is a Scrapbook Memoir different?

More Indepth Stories
 I've always journaled on my scrapbook pages, since I started 13 years ago.  I'm a writer.  I had to to tell the stories.  My whole life is about story.  Just like when I was a child, listening to the grown-ups, I love telling stories to my children and grandchildren.

Sometime over those 13 years, though, I began to want to go deeper into the history, find out more about my grandparents' lives and as far back as I could go into my roots.  When I began learning these facts, I knew I wanted to pass these along to my family.

Well, I already had somewhere around 26, on last count, scrapbook albums lining my shelves, so I began there.  Some photos I've copied and placed on a new page, some are digital, some pages I've kept intact.  They're all going into a new book, just one.  When I'm finished, it'll be bound and copied for my extended family.  "An Over-The-Rhine Memoir:  The Deans & the Wherles."

I'm still in the process, but what I'm unfolding is more than scrapbook albums.  I'm now creating my lifestory, my memoir, a legacy for the kids and the grandkids and the great-grandkids. 

More Facts Than Frill.  More Story Than Stuff.

More of yourself

More of your feelings about the relationships with your loved ones, your beliefs, your dreams, your failures, your successes, and the lessons you've learned. 

This last one -- the lessons you've learned -- is so important.  I grew up listening to countless stories from my Grandma, who was a devoted and strong Catholic woman.  Those stories taught me more than any other teacher I had.  I want my Scrapbook Memoir to do that with the children born into my family even after I'm gone.  I want to pass my Grandma's stories down to them.  I want them to know their roots.

The best part of creating a Scrapbook Memoir is that you get to still plaly with color and a bit of decorative adornments. 

You will use less photos, but you will be using Simply the Best.  The ones that tell THE STORY OF YOU!

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