Friday, February 4, 2011

Picasa by Clover Lane Scrapbooking

Just one of the awesome layouts at Clover Lane Scrapbooking
PhotoShop Elements resides on the office desktop computer, but my laptop is in transition these days and has no photo software other than what came with my Canon camera.  I'm hesitant to load any programs onto the laptop, seeing as how I've got my eye on a new Dell Inspiron for the very near future! 
The Canon software is good for viewing  my digitals, a lot better than some other camera programs, and I can do some basic editing, cropping, color enhancement, etc.  But no photo collage option for digi scrapping.  I do more hands-on paper scrapbooking, so that's not been too big a problem.

Last week I downloaded Picasa, which I've used in the past, because I wanted to see what I could do with photo collaging without having to sit at the desktop in husband's office, which means I would have to clean his desk off first.  Got this thing where I can't think in a messy environment.  You'd understand if you saw his office and his desk, but I'm too humiliated to post a pic of it here.

Picasa is free.  That's a good thing.  It's a little harder than PhotoShop.  Unless you find someone who's using it and turning out awesome layouts.  Hello, Clover Lane! 

Wow--I love this girl's work, her style.  You gotta see her post on How I Caught Up 6 Years in 3 Weeks With Picasa!

I love this so much I might not even load PSE on my new laptop.  Clover Lane Woman  (I haven't contacted her to know her name yet, but I will now to let her know I've posted about her blog) leaves spaces on her digi layouts for physical ephemera to adhere to her printed pages before sliding them into her albums. 

If you check out her tutorial, she discusses where she gets her 12x12's printed and all the rest.

Her pages are the type I consider "beautiful simplicity," and that goes hand in hand with my goals in creating this Scrapbook Memoir I'm working on for my family.  I love the no-frills approach with more focus on the photos and simple stories. 

The whole blogsite is beautiful and creative.  Lots of ideas for bloggy moms here.  A site to to visit on a regular basis.  Thank you Clover Lane!

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