Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Scrapbook Memoir Ebook

I've partnered with Women's to publish "The Scrapbook Memoir Ebook," and have just sent it off for editing.  This means the publish date is close.

So I guess you could say, I'm in a "New Place."

Details will be posted soon on how to get your free copy of the Scrapbook Memoir Ebook.  In the meantime, if you're not already a follower here on the blog, take a few seconds now to go to the sidebar and click to follow, to get a free copy during this promotion period.

The Scrapbook Memoir Ebook will guide you in deciding what kinds of memories you want to save for your children and grandchildren, and what type of project you want to create to hold those memories for a lifetime. 

All you need to get started are pictures.  The vision and memory starters are in the ebook in the form of inspirational stories together with photos and ideas.

Click now to follow if you are not yet signed up to get your free ebook.

Women's Memoirs

Women's Memoirs
Women's Memoirs