Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Deadlines and Drama

So Women's History Month ends tomorrow, and I still have two ladies in waiting, so to speak. 

My geek son put new stuff on husband's computer, including Windows 7, which is the machine I use as a backup for many things.  Now I can't access the photos I need for my departed mother-in-law, Althea Allen Schmidt, nor my husband's greatly missed aunt, Fern Tanter Schmidt. 

I really would like to have those photos, so maybe later I'll introduce you to those historic women in my life.

And at the present moment, I'm in the quake of a nasty bug I picked up by taking my daughter to the doctor several times over the last week.  I shared it with the rest of the family, one by one, like dominoes falling in line.  Yesterday we were all in bed coughing, sneezing, snorting, blowing, bellowing, and whining.  From the bedroom across the hall, the sneezing and nose blowing resonated with mine and husband's in three-part harmony, with an occasional hacking cough from youngest son.

Hubs is up today and says he "thinks" he's better.  Haven't seen either son yet.  But I know I'm still in bed with a warm laptop and a mountain of used tissues.

The best tip I've had was from one of my Story Circle sisters on Facebook lastnight.  A few drops of oregano oil boiled on the stove and sniffed under a towel.

No oregano in the house of course.  I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.  No oregano?

However, I just happen to have a healthy potted, beautiful peppermint plant.  I crushed several of its spicy leaves to make the concoction.  Oh, heavenly airways opened.  Then I made mint tea to sip while I sweated inside flannels and under heavy blankets. 

For sure, I said, I'll be better by morning.


More drama revolves around my granddaughter's wedding this Saturday.  I've got the layers for the groom's cake in my freezer, with plans to defrost and decorate tomorrow and delivery on Friday, along with the 12 church pew bows husband helped me finish yesterday.  I think I need to spray the pew decorations with Lysol, seeing as we coughed and sneezed our way through the creation process.

Above is a photo of one of our pew bows. 

And this is my beautiful granddaughter, Vickie, the bride-to-be

And so while I lay here thinking of all the to-do's I should be to-doing, my achy joints and head keep me down for the count.  

Best friend, Sweet Dell Laptop, it's just you and me, Baby.  

Women's Memoirs

Women's Memoirs
Women's Memoirs