Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 19 Daybook


Outside my window...Sunny for a while, then gray and stormy.  Clothes on the line.  Jeff decided the laundry was behind and made Dad help him hang it up...on Father's Day, lol. 

I am many people hang laundry outside to dry anymore.  I've met a lot of women lately who acually do...a new surge back to the old days maybe.  In my Story Circle Network, many of the women hang their clothes out to dry.  I like that group.  So, with the wind billowing the sheets outside my window, my dryer sits lonely and unappreciated in the laundry room.  As it should be. 

I am thankful...that I remain a Simple Woman.  And on this day, I am thankful for my husband.  And I remember my father.  I miss him every day.

In the kitchen...Homemade Cincinnati Chili for Hubs for Father's Day.  And a Carrot Cake Supreme, gluten-free of course so son Jeff can eat it too.  All food now is gluten-free.  Easier that way.  Lovin' m beautiful Kitchen-Aide stand mixer.  Life is so much easier with her in my life.

I am blue shorts and white tee.  Yesterday got me the cutest little white Goodwill!!!  My fave store in the world.  If I'd have gone to church this morning, I might still be wearing it.  But getting granddaughter out of bed and confronting that mass of thick, permanently tangled hair and her whine and wimper over every little disturbance was just too great a task.  So didn't wear my little cotton skirt.  I love light, airy skirts and dresses for summer.

I am creating...a crocheted "Sea Breeze Top,"

Lion Brand pattern.  A yoked and flared cool looking summer top to breeze around in.  For me. Then if it turns out well, others for gifts.    Using Kiwi green, Peaches & Cream.

I am wondering...why politicians like Mitch McConnell, seen on Face the Nation this morning...for only a few seconds, before I switched to NPT, why he didn't hear the latest poll of Americans just a few weeks ago, where over 70% said they wanted the US to bring the troops home and get the money back in our own country because we have still so many unemployed people here.  McConnell thinks Americans are concerned mostly with deregulation and spending.  I am wondering why he thinks I am stupid. 

I am reading...several books.  Being Dead Is No Excuse: The Official Southern Ladies Guide To Hosting the Perfect Funeral [Hardcover].

And The Freedom Writers Diary : How a Teacher and 150 Teens Used Writing to Change Themselves and the World Around Them.  My pastor's daughter Molly loaned it to me, after I told her I saw the movie FINALLY.  She'd told me about it last year.  This is one of the all-time greatest stories ever.  Not many people heard about it.  It didn't garner a lot of press.  But that's par for America.  What Erin Gruwell accomplished is BIG stuff, huge, something that can change the world as we know it, but who really cares, right?  Why would we want to change the world?  Isn't it fine just the way it is? 

I am hoping...for just a slight drying off of the soil so I can finish planting what needs to go in the ground.  But, hey, I'm not complaining about all the rain.  My friends in Texas would pay for some rain along about now.

I am looking forward to...seeing my friends Sharon and Karen this evening.  Sharon, from Georgia, is visiting Karen, who lives just a few miles from me.  They are some of my scrapbook buddies.  Beautiful ladies I love.

I am on my Android!  And I even figured out how to change my ring tone to "Don't Stop Believing," by Journey.  That's kind of my personal anthem song presently.

Around the house...We are getting a new kitchen!  Hubs wrote the check to secure it.  A couple who is getting a new custom kitchen sold their present one to us for a fraction of the cost new.  Complete with appliances.  Can't wait.  My old vintage kitchen will soon be a memory, so I'm spending time in it saying good-bye.

I am much better I feel since finishing up the evil drug I was taking.  I still have some shakes from the physical addiction that set up in my body, but my dr. thinks it's about all out of my system, maybe just a few more weeks.  I'm thinking about how I feel a lot these days, making connections, stuff I never really dwelled on before.  Getting to know myself all over again.

One of my favorite having time to go slow. 

A few plans for the rest of the week
  • Finish Woman's Memoir post for Thursday. 
  • Update ScrapLife website. 
  • Work on Blurb Book-- due June 30th.  If I finish in time, I'll get to offer my online readers a discount on their own Blurb Book
  • Family History book, insert family tree and charts, lay out chapters, and post stories & pics on Rhine Girl Blog
  • Add some scrap layouts to Photo Freedom Class gallery and read forums. 
  • Clean the House!!! 
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...  design beauty and art symmetry.  From

Women's Memoirs

Women's Memoirs
Women's Memoirs