Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lifetime of Summers

Last Week's Photo Freedom Challenge

All of these summer photos were taken from my Library of Memories Category Drawers ~~ See Big Picture Scrapbooking to read up on this.

How quickly can you find pictures of different summers throughout your life and throw together a layout in about an hour?

Before the Library of Memories class last year, I guess I would have pulled my already scrapbooked albums down from the shelves and flipped through for pics, and then gently removed them from the albums, copied or scanned them, put the originals back in the albums, and then created my layout.  Don't think I could've done it in an hour though.

Last year, I began archiving important photos into "category drawers."  Leftovers, duplicates, and, yes, some I pulled from my albums and copied. 


This is how I was meant to scrapbook. 

Sure, I still create the family albums, the events, the celebrations, the day-to-day shots my camera catches.  But I don't have to scrapbook ALL of them.  I like saving quite a few in my file drawers where I can find them at a moment's notice.  This means I'm only scrapbooking the best photos into my albums, the ones that tell the stories.  And enjoying it more!  And I now have a decent stash of various photos to "play" with, using them in creative ways to tell more important stories.  Stories I'd have never known to tell.   

This is Photo Journalism!

This is truly Photo Freedom ~~

~~ which, by the way, is one of the books Stacy Julian, founder of Big Picture Scrapbooking, has written. 

Big Contented Sigh.  I love Photo Freedom

Women's Memoirs

Women's Memoirs
Women's Memoirs