Friday, June 17, 2011

Online Photo Sites

So many possibilities!  I'm currently enjoying my Photo Freedom class at Big Picture Scrapbooking, and doing all sorts of fun and inspirational stuff with my pictures.  We are into "Digital Workflow."  I love systems.  Systems for everything.  And I'm lovin' my Digital Workflow system at present.


I, Love Flickr.  Love, love it.  It's Yahoo.

My Flickr

Groups (2525)

Writers General 1,712 photos, 325 members

write the caption 694 photos, 132 members

History : images without words don't document 4,704 photos, 535 members

Digital Scrapbook 8,861 photos, 1,472 members

Written Words 4,926 photos, 622 members

Creative Writing 2,142 photos, 497 members

Choubox Scrapbook Layout Gallery 6 photos, 31 members

It's Skyline Time 111 photos, 44 members

The Write Way 76 photos, 60 members

Prospect Hill 33 photos, 14 members

Scrapbooks 766 photos, 72 members

Cincinnati Skyline 420 photos, 144 members

Over-the-Rhine 382 photos, 51 members

Cincinnati Places and People 2,441 photos, 81 members

Clifton, Cincinnati, Ohio 437 photos, 73 members

Scrapbook Edge 2,978 photos, 236 members


Cincinnati; The Queen City 518 photos, 53 members

Visual Libraries - Leave Your Mark 730 photos, 25 members

Journal Junky's!!! 1,153 photos, 100 members

Creative NonFiction Writing Forums 88 photos, 19 members 516 photos, 133 members

Organize Your Genealogy Life! 19 photos, 19 members

Heritage Scrapbooking 156 photos, 14 members

Vintage Photographs and Genealogy 502 photos, 111 members

All of my best photos go to my Flickr Stream.  By best, I mean 2- and 3-stars.  1-Star photos remain in digital storage but they don't go anywhere. 

At the end of each season, or quarter, I cull out the best of the 2-stars and all of the 3-stars on Flickr, and with a click send them to print with SnapFish.  I just finished batching the past year's best of 3-stars and collaging them for my Year Highlights Album. 

This took all of five minutes.  Extremely fast and functional.  And Gratifying.

Before this year, I was sending my pics to whoever had the best deal of the online photos printers.  Aaack!  That's just way too overwhelming for me.  To scattered.  I must have structure to operate with any kind of efficiency.  That means deleting all the emails daily that come calling into my inbox folders announcing their awesome sales and happiness.  After a while, your system hums and you just don't mess with it.  That's worth money to me.



I should back up and say that I first load up Picasa, which pulls in immediately any new pics on my hard drive.  Picasa is where I edit my pics.  I LOVE Picasa!  And to boot, it's free.  I'll take free whenever I can get it.  In my opinion, Picasa ranks high on the list for photo editing.  It's Google, which makes a lot of other nifty things possible.  Like just click to send to Blogger.

For Picasa, you need a Google account; for Flickr you need a Yahoo account.  I sign in and out of each.  If I have to.  Not always. 
I have Picasa Web Albums online.  Just like Flickr. 

I can also, in Picasa, send to a variety of printers, but I don't use that feature, since I like my Flickr arrangement. 

Picasa and Flickr.  These are my top two choices of all the online photo sites.  It makes my picture life simple. 

Picasa:  My Family History Web Album and 2011 Jan-Mar Highlights Web Albums


I love Shutterfly too.  And gobs of others out there.  But I like Picasa and Flikr the best. 

 I have my system.  And that's what it's about really.  Your System. 

I use ACDsee for digi scrapping. Another easy-peasy but powerful program. Does everything Photoshop Elements does.  Even better, it does everything I want it to do.  And more.  And it doesn't hang up and make me mad like some of the other scrapbook software.  I've tried them all.  Seriously.  This is, in my opinion, the best.  It's clean, fast, and efficient.

You can download a free 30-day trial, and that's always a good thing.  I like to try products out if I can before handing over my bucks. 

Hope you got some ideas.  Leave a comment about what you like and how it works for you.  I'd like to hear about some other Photo Systems.  What's your Digital Workflow? 

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