Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Systems, Schedules, and Nesting

Okay, Dear Reader, you can tell from my last post on Motherhood that I'm into my trying-to-be-organized mode.  Let's call it the Seasonal Nesting Syndrome.  I catch it every Fall.  Along with all of the allergies that reside in Tennessee.

Freezing and stocking the pantry are high on the list during Nesting.  
Below are a few of the collard greens awaiting attention.  
Husband Gary and his farmer friends down the road grow a field of mixed greens for anyone who wants to eat them.  I like the collards more than the others.  Now to get some in the freezer for winter.

Organizing my office.  Too much stuff for so little room.  Shelves help.  So does purging stuff one really never uses but is afraid to let go of.  

But in the meantime, while the office is getting a re-do...

... our bed is a nice place to write.  The only problem is that I have to clean it off every night, LOL!  

The guestroom becomes winter storage for freshly washed blankets. And baskets of yarn stash!!  

The evenings are cool...great sleeping weather and cuddle-up opportunities with a good book or some knitting.

The best thing about this bedspread-in-progress (besides being my favorite color) is that as it grows longer on the needles it will cover my lap and legs on those frosty cold days of impending winter.  

These are the projects I have goin' on here in between the writing and blogging, and networking... 

Anybody else out there feathering their nest for winter?  

It's a good thing.

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