Friday, January 13, 2012

Feedly Friday

With fresh snow outside my window, I'm spending today reading my organized "magazine" of the past week's news feeds for all of my blogs and sites of interest.  I use Feedly as my assistant.  Through the week, while I'm writing and reading books, both enjoyable fiction and research oriented, I try not to get waylaid by the constant incoming streams of updates.

You know the deal.  Click on just one attractive link and end up somewhere in cyberspace you don't know how you got to, while your work got left sitting in Word three hours ago and is now locked and frozen because that's what Word does when you leave for too long.  

I like using Feedly to take care of all my stuff until I'm ready to devote time to reading it.  This solution also works better for concentrating on the incoming new feeds.  I can save any posts to read later while I'm scanning through the week's bundle, especially if they're long or involved, while I take a few minutes to read shorter ones and delete as I go.  

Feedly also displays my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and youtube streams in a sidebar, providing a sole interface for gathering information from all my venues.  I like efficiency.  Comes from my years of ladder-climbing in the institutions and corporations of working-world America.  

Feedly has made a big difference in my weekly workflow and production.  It's a keeper.  You can find it at   

Watch for my upcoming post on Evernote which is my other sidekick for keeping me sane.

Women's Memoirs

Women's Memoirs
Women's Memoirs