Friday, October 19, 2012

Simply Special: Don't We All Have Special Needs?

Jeff is getting stronger every day.  He does man's work now.  He loaded these monster sized logs into the truck this morning.  Most importantly, because it needed to be done.  For no other reason.

He can't stand to see work left undone.

When Dad is tired and ready to rest, Jeff pushes on.    When Dad wants to move on to a new job on the farm, like this morning, Jeff goes ahead and finishes up the job left from yesterday.

Some people think people with special needs can't do as much as "regular" people, but they don't know our Jeff.

And they don't know that everybody has special needs.  You, me, everybody.  Think about it a bit.

Jeff has baseball tonight, Buddy Ball in Clarksville.  He's not as good as some of the other players.  But he can sure load a truckload of heavy wood.  And he will go out to the shed this winter with his wagon, when the inside firewood stack gets low, and stock us up for a few more days.

Just thought people might want to know this.

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