Thursday, January 10, 2013

Where the Journey Takes You

My journey has been to find many, many things:  answers, solutions, an abiding faith, peace, security, my strengths, self worth, and my great big family.  In finding family and stories, everything else I'm looking for falls into place.  Funny how that works.

Over on Rhine Girl, I've been lazy about posting the book's stories and, more importantly, the new finds that have turned up recently and unexpectedly...and where those discoveries lead now.

The holidays kind of kill me.  I get centered on the festivities and tune out  the rest of the world.  The older I get, the more it wears me out too.

But while I was living in the present, my Journey was unfolding behind the scenes.

My energy is revived.

Know that your journey goes on even while you're not actively pursuing it.

Once you set the wheels in motion

With Family History and Memoir writing, you invest a lot of time at the start.  You immerse yourself in research.  You stumble down paths only to hit brick walls.  You lose ancestors you thought were yours.  You give up sometimes.  You pick back up a lot.

You've started the journey in motion.  There's no turning back.

What is your journey?  What are you looking for?    

 You can read more on Rhine Girl about my new discoveries.

Women's Memoirs

Women's Memoirs
Women's Memoirs