Monday, February 4, 2013

February's Garden

 Gardening in Middle Tennessee means starting seeds indoors, or in a greenhouse or cold frame, for planting in spring, after last frost.

Last week we started broccoli and several varieties of tomatoes:  Early Girl, Bradley, Brandywine, and Celebrity.

This week we pick up grow-lights and buy more seed.

We're expanding the operation this year.  We did okay last spring, but always feel we could do better.  Always hoping for a bigger harvest to last over the winter.

Last week I used my last frozen Marconi Sweet Peppers for cooking.  Still have tomato sauce in the freezer and some peaches and squash. Oh, and a giant freezer bag of Last Spring's Strawberries, pretty and red.   Our homemade fruit jam got wiped out as Christmas presents, even the Winter Orange Marmalade I made in November.  Do I use those strawberries and make a batch of preserves, or save for a cold, dark day and make a glorious "fresh" strawberry dessert?

I have two cold bins of apples from our trees still in the back refrigerator that I need to do something with, while they're still good.  If making gluten-free pie crusts weren't so much work (for me anyway), every one of those apples would turn into apple pies in the freezer.  There's absolutely nothing like pulling a good, homemade apple pie out of the freezer to thaw and heat up in the oven on a busy day.

Last spring's broccoli was so plentiful and good, as were the Brussels sprouts, we're convinced these two veggies are worth increasing this year.  I'd love to have them in the freezer throughout the winter, using the last bags when the new ones are coming in.

First Broccoli Seeds Sown

Bradley Tomatoes in the Soil and Sun

Still got lots of seed to go, but I'm grateful we've at least got started...which is always the hardest part.

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Women's Memoirs
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