Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Thrill of the Plan

I've been absent.  I lose my focus quite often.  Mix in ADD and OCD, and I'm lucky to have found my way back here..

Honestly, I've been doing better here lately and being quite productive, all with the help of my Planner Addiction.

My Filofax Personal Windsor, a wonderful vintage 
species I found on eBay a few months ago.  I changed
my favorite color to deep red when I got this binder.

Then, not too long after Windsor, I spied a planner on Filofax USA that seemed to be calling my name.  She looked so soft and lush that I had to see more of her, so I started googling the web for more photos and reviews.  There wasn't a lot, but what I saw convinced me that I had to have this binder.  I waited patiently until she showed up on eBay at a deal not to be refused, all the way from the U.K.  

Her name is Aston.  She is capable of  being stuffed.   The best  
description of my Aston was on Philofaxy.  Seems Aston is an
almost overlooked prize.  

About the same time as Aston's arrival, I switched my inserts to a Life Mapping system from DIYfish, and I moved into planner heaven.  I guess someone like me, whose organizing mania goes all the way back to age 10, does best with something so adaptable to customizing.  There doesn't seem to be an end to what you can make this printable planning system do.  

I delegated my Red Windsor as my writing planner and Aston for everything else, including my wallet.  If I want to go smaller, I have a Pocket Filofax as well.  A rugged but lovable binder that can only be a "he."  

His name is Kensington, and he does look somewhat like
Aston.  Kensington is also a vintage find on eBay for a bargain.
He sits on a bookshelf with a few alien Daytimers 
and Franklin Planners, ready for action when the time
is right.  

I'm not currently looking for a new planner just now, but you never know when your heart will be lost to a new planner on the block.  I suppose that's the thrill of it all, and I don't think the thrill is ever gone.

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